✪ B.A. in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)

B.A. in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)
College of Interdisciplinary Studies,
Thammasat University. (Lampang Campus)

B.A. (Philosophy, Politics and Economics)

The B.A. Program in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) has been offered at Lampang campus since 2014, as a self-financing and semi-autonomous curriculum in the College of Interdisciplinary Studies. It is a multidisciplinary degree designed to promote skills relevant to the continued professional development of philosophical understanding, and political and economic analysis. PPE students will be specialized in two disciplines after the first year.

The study of Philosophy focuses on the major concepts of philosophy, major issues in ethics and morality, questions concerning how we acquire knowledge and the ability to criticize and reason logically.

The study of Politics and Law gives you an understanding of the major concepts in politics, principles of public law, evolution of Thai politics and government, development and ideas on constitutionalism, the relations between constitution and political institutions and criticize major contemporary issues in politics and law in domestic and international aspects.

The study of Economics focuses on theories and concepts in economics, analysis of current economic situations, roles of financial and fiscal policies in Thai economic development, development of modern Thai businesses under the context of politics, economy, society, and international relations and discussions on current economic issues.

It is a full-time program. Each academic year is divided into two semesters.

  • Semester 1: August – December
  • Semester 2: January – May

In each semester, courses normally last for 15 weeks. Students are required to complete a minimum of 126 credits in three and a half academic years.


Structure and Components

1. General Basic Courses30Credits
1.1 Fundamental Disciplines21Credits
 1.1.1 Humanities3Credits
 1.1.2 Social Sciences6Credits
 1.1.3 Languages9Credits
 1.1.3 Languages3Credits
1.2 Specific Discipline9Credits
2. Core Courses90Credits
 2.1 Compulsory Courses30Credits
 2.2 Compulsory Elective Courses24Credits
 2.3 Compulsory Courses (Language)3Credits
 2.4 Elective Courses27Credits
 2.5 Research Paper6Credits
3. Free Elective Courses6Credits


Admission Qualifications

Completion of Mathayom 6 or equivalent levels from high school with GPA above 2.5 or grade 12 from American-system schools and post GCSE level from British-system schools. The number of student enrollment is 80 per year.


Application Requirement in TCAS2020

ComponentsRound 1
Round 2
Quota 17
northern provinces
Round 3
Direct admissions
Round 4
Round 5
Direct free
GPA above2.752.52.5-2.5
PAT 1 or PAT 7-20%20%20%20%
General subjects


The total number of students in the academic year 2019 = 210 persons.


Application Requirement in TCAS2020

1st semester : 46,000 baht

2nd semester : 27,000 baht