✪ Faculty of Arts Industrial Craft Design Program

Thai language: Bachelor of Fine Arts Industrial Craft Design
English: Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts Program in Industrial Crafts Design


Degree and program name
Thai languageFull Nameศิลปกรรมศาสตรบัณฑิต (ออกแบบหัตถอุตสาหกรรม)
 Initialศป.บ. (ออกแบบหัตถอุตสาหกรรม)
EnglishFull NameBachelor of Fine and Applied Arts (Industrial Crafts Design)
 InitialB.F.A. (Industrial Crafts Design)


1. Course introduction

Industrial Crafts Design program, Faculty of Arts Thammasat University Lampang Campus is the first course in the country that recognizes the importance of the design of industrial craft products. The course was first established in 2005, and then revised in 2018, with a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of wisdom of local arts and culture at the regional and national levels which has uniqueness and identity that is always a challenge to achieve. The course curriculum is based on knowledge and skills from various kinds of art. Having skills in fine art and design is a major foundation. The Bachelor of Fine Arts Program is a 4-year program of study. In the first two years of study, the program strengthens and trains the basic, important and necessary skills for studies in art and design and begins to introduce design concepts. In the last two years of the study, there will be an intensive analysis and synthesis of the work piece design from the integration of knowledge techniques for materials and technology in the case of local arts and culture and creativity. Researching and developing personal designs are based on knowledge, aptitude and solidarity which are customized to each student in the final year.


2. Course Objectives

In order for students to graduate from the program, the following characteristics are required:

  1. The graduate will be a skilled industrial designer with quality and morality in both academic and professional skills and able to design and create products for organizations in related industries or can be self-reliant entrepreneurs.
  2. The graduate will have knowledge and understanding in the science of industrial craft design that promotes quality of life and aesthetics for the people by using the foundation of Thai art and culture. He / she should have local wisdom of raw materials in the community and knowledge in industrial processes combined with modern technology for the development of quality industrial products that are both fashionable and trendy.
  3. The graduate can develop knowledge of industrial design in Thailand to be the center of national design knowledge, especially the upper northern region and the Greater Mekong sub-region.


3. Course format

Faculty of Arts Thammasat University, Lampang Campus offers 1 program of

Industrial Craft Design.

3.1 system

      A bilateral education system is used. One academic year is divided into 2 regular semesters. One regular semester consists of a study duration of no less than 15 weeks and it may be opened for the summer semester with a study duration of no less than 6 weeks. However, the academic hours are increased in each course to be equal to the regular program. 3.2 Summer education management There may be summer course arrangements which takes at least 6 weeks of study, depending on the consideration of the program committee. 3.3 Teaching and learning are conducted in Thai. 3.4 Thai students are accepted.

3.2 Summer education management

There may be summer course arrangements which takes at least 6 weeks of study, depending on the consideration of the program committee.

3.3 Teaching and learning are conducted in Thai.

3.4 Thai students are accepted.


4. Professions that can be attained after graduation

4.1 Industrial product designer

4.2 Industrial product designer

4.3 Furniture product designers

4.4 Graphic Designer, Packaging Number

4.5 Art and ceramic product designers

4.6 Exhibition designers and exhibition areas

4.7 Community Product Developers - Community Enterprises

4.8 Design Manager

4.9 Freelance designer / Design Operator


5. The tuition fee is 22,400 baht per semester.


6. Number of faculty members at Lampang Campus

Education Level Academic Positions  Total 
Master’s DegreePhDFri.Assoc.Asst.Lecturer
 6 1 -1 3 37


7. Number of current students

Number of students/BranchesCode 59Code 60Code 61Code 62Total
Industrial Craft Design18201521160


8. It is planned to accept 45 students per academic year


9. Featured research of the course

9.1 Kittipong Keativipak. (2014) Education and development Adopting hand-woven cotton to be used in the creation of product development. Case study: Don Luang cotton-weaving village group, Pa Sang district, Lamphun province. Source: Thammasat University research fund. For the fiscal year 2012

9.2 Kittipong Keativipak (2014) Product Development of Wood Carving Industry and Brand Identity to Increase Economic Value: A Case Study of Ban Luk Carving Village, Na Krua Subdistrict, Mae Tha District, Lampang Province, Source: Lampang Province Office Fiscal Year Year 2557

9.3 Srichana Jareonnate. (2013). Media Studies and Design Project Title "Hoo Jak Lampang from the old district" to promote tourism. Historical and Art and Culture, Lampang Province, fiscal year 2013

9.4 Viracakra Su-indramedhi / Chittaworn Warasiriphong / Jarmlong Suwanachat (2014). "Development and management of cultural heritage: the case of the Jingdezhen ceramic tile industry". The Thailand Research Fund (TRF)


10. Number of credits throughout the program

Students must register for a minimum of 144 credits by taking various courses. To complete the program, structure, composition and requirements are as follows:

 Total credits of the course144credits
1.General Education Courses30credits
2.Specialized courses108credits
 2.1 Core Courses6credits
 2.2 Required courses90credits
 2.2.1 Required courses in the field(77)credits
 2.2.1 2.2.2 Skill Enhancement(72)credits
 2.2.3 Professional Experience Training(1)credits
 2.3 Required electives outside the field6credits
 2.4 Electives in the field6credits
3.Free elective courses6credits


11. Qualifications of eligible applicants

Qualifications of applicants must comply with Thammasat University's regulations regarding the undergraduate study B.E. 2561, item 14.

Selection of students

The admission of applicants shall be in accordance with the selection regulations for admission to higher education institutions of government agencies or other agencies, carried out according to the assignment of the university or selection according to the methods specified by the university with the approval of the university council and issued as a university announcement.

Specific qualifications.

They must be knowledgeable in art and design and shouldn’t be colorblind..