Lect. Dr.Yingluck Kanchanaroek

Resume of Lect. Dr.Yingluck Kanchanaroek
Assistant to the Rector for Research and Academic Affairs (Lampang Centre)

1. Name   
    Name: Yingluck Kanchanaroek
    Position: Assistant to the Rector for Research and Academic Affairs (Lampang Centre)
    Contact: Information Thammasat University Lampang Center, Tel. 054-268-701 ext. 5004

 2. Current Position and Responsibilities

    Academic           Lecturer
    Administrative     Assistant to the Rector for Research and Academic Affairs (Lampang Centre)

3. Educational Background


Level of Education / Subject

Educational Institute


Doctoral of Philosophy in Resource Management (Ecological and Environmental economics), 2014: Leeds University, the United Kingdom (Doctoral fieldwork awards by EEPSEA/IDRC, Canada)

Leeds University, the United Kingdom


Master of Science in Resource Management, 2002: Kasetsart University, Thailand  (Thesis awards by Energy Policy and Planning Office, Ministry of Energy, and Royal Thai Government and Environmental Engineering Association of Thailand)

Kasetsart University, Thailand


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (2nd honors), 1999: Thammasat University, Thailand

Thammasat University, Thailand

4. Plubsihed Work





Kanchanaroek Yingluck, Mette Termansen, Claire Quinn.2013. Property rights regimes in complex fishery management systems: A choice experiment application. Journal of Ecological Economics 93 (0), pp. 363-373.