Lampang Campus Administration

Lampang Campus Administration

     The Administration at the Lampang campus is a unit under the office of the President, and it has an equivalent status. It was established during the meeting 7/2554 on 25th July 2011 by the Thammasat University Association,  for the structure of the Office of the President (No. 5) and a full program to provide academic services to society. The University administration follows a policy of expansion for educational opportunities. It is structured into divisions and is responsible for three divisions 16 chapters and 27 administrative units including the administrative services, the building for educational administration and student affairs and finance and supply.

    1. Administration and Buildings Office

The responsibilities of this division encompass supervision and operations management of the Lampang Campus; the proposals for and the preparation of the annual budget requests, operations regarding personnel management and the various personnel benefits; analysis of policies and planning, coordination with various agencies in organizing on-campus activities; construction  and maintenance of the buildings and infrastructure at the campus.

    2. Educational Administration and Student Affairs Office

This division is responsible for the supervision and operations management of the student affairs and welfare. It manages the sports and recreation activities; student development, discipline and Career Counseling. It looks after the student halls of residence and manages education and teaching development and the registration and processing activities and the library.

    3. Finance and Supply Office

This division is responsible for supervising all monetary receipts and payments of money earmarked for the Campus; safeguarding the money and keeping the accounts and financial records; the preparation of the annual budget requests and the management of the budget as well as dealing with the Lampang Campus’s parcels and mail.