Prof. Saifon Su-indramedhi

ssoc. Prof. Saifon Su-indramedhi
Assistant to the Rector for Administration (Lampang Centre)

1. Name   Saifon Su-indramedhi

    Position  Assistant to the Rector for Administrator, Lampang Centre

    Contact information Thammasat University Lampang Center,

    Tel. 054-268-701 ext. 5002

2. Current Position and Responsibilities

    Academic                  Associate Professor

    Administrative            Assistant to the Rector, Lampang Center

3. Educational Background


Level of education / subject

Educational Institute


Faculty of Social Studies

Prince of Songkla University. Pattani


Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology

Thammasat University

4. Research Achievements

- Civil Society and Democratic Development, Sanya Dharmasaki Institute for Democracy (458 pages). in Thai

- Bunyawat (The Last King of Lampang City) and Development of Lampang City in 1857-1922 Bunyawat Witthayalai School (51 pages)